Types Of Meal Plans 

In the travel and tourism industry, when a guest overstays in an accommodation, one must choose the appropriate meal plan that they require. A meal plan provides the type of meal that you will be choosing when making the reservation. There are many different types of meal plans, which are not known by many guests, until the moment arrives when they are travelling or at the point of making the reservation. As there are many different types of meal plans, this piece of writing will provide a guide for you that you can use so that you select the most appropriate type of plan for your overnight stay at a hotel accommodation in Marcoola beach.  

A La Carte This is the instance where you make a reservation for the room and there are no meals included. However, you can choose the food items you want for an additional cost and this is selected from the menu. 

 All Inclusive This is a meal plan, which includes all meals and beverages too. There are extra add-ons and this depends on resort to resort.  

American Plan This meal arrangement includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. No drinks of sorts are included. This plan is freely available in areas where there are fewer restaurants around.  

Bed and breakfast The rate includes the rate of the room and daily breakfast as well when boking bed and breakfast accommodation.  

Continental plan Continental plan include breakfast, which includes bread, juice, tea and coffee. The bread might be a loaf or it might be a basket that is filled with different types of breads such as muffins, croissants, scones and little buns. Certain properties offer fresh fruit and yogurt as well. Remember that this plan does not include eggs, pancakes and other cooked food items. You are recommended to leave a tip only for this plan.  

European plan The European meal plan does not include any meals. This allows the guests to experience cuisine at the restaurants that are available. These restaurants will be less expensive than dinning at the hotel dinning room.  

Family American plan This meal plan rate offers a special rate for all children.  

Half board meal plan  This rate includes two meals during your stay per day. This means that it is breakfast and lunch or breakfast and dinner. This is mostly available in European hotels.  

Modified American Plan The modified American plan includes two meals each day, which are provided by the dinning restaurant area. Guests that stay in areas where there are fewer restaurants available will opt out for this plan. This does not include cocktails and wine. Now you know more about the meal plans available and you can choose wisely. For more information, please log on to http://www.wyndhamap.com/wps/wcm/connect/Wyndham/home/Resorts/Australia/QLD/Marcoola-Beach/Accommodation/. holiday-pack